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    From 2009 to 2012, Coseo Properties acquired, rehabilitated, leased, and successfully sold nearly 3,000 single-family homes around the country. Market trends indicate we were also ahead of our time as were many others to follow as we phased out of this segment.

    In our constant effort to operate ahead of the mainstream, CPI in 2012 decided the single-family market was getting too crowded and margins narrowed. We saw tremendous demand for rental units and therefore gravitated toward apartments. This business model change has allowed us to focus on more attractive investments in residential apartment buildings. Since 2011 CPI acquired several apartment complexes in Southern Michigan. We have also acquired two office properties in northern San Diego County, California.

    Clubhouse of Carnegie Park Apartments in Southfield, Michigan. The property was acquired by CPI in early 2012 and sold in August 2015.