"We don't look at these neglected properties as eyesores, we see them as the nucleus for critical job creation in hard-hit urban areas, and as a means to a brighter future for many Americans." 

– Christopher J. Coseo,
president, Coseo Properties, Inc.

At Coseo Properties, Inc., renovating and rebuilding homes and apartment buildings around the country is just part of our goal; we also strive to help people in need. As an integral part of our operations, we actively seek to employ as many people as possible who might otherwise find themselves in shelters or on the streets. CPI also has a program to identify and donate properties to charitable organizations.

The Rev. Cheri Hicks (right) founder and chairman of Janie & Ida's House of Hope with a family at the organization's new residence in suburban Atlanta.In Atlanta, Coseo Properties made possible the purchase of a home for Janie & Ida's House of Hope, a non-profit organization that provides transitional housing and other services to women and children who have been victims of domestic violence. As a result, members of Providence Missionary Baptist Church were able to raise the necessary funds to acquire the house. A cash donation from CPI helped jump-start needed renovations.

In Detroit, CPI has also donated properties for use by non-profit groups and churches. Our main focus, however, has been on job creation in a region hard-hit by the decline of the automobile industry, among other socioeconomic woes. Today there are an estimated 33,500 abandoned homes and some 91,000 vacant residential lots in the city. This rapid disintegration of urban housing stock, like a fast-spreading fire, is rendering valueless once-comfortable homes and neighborhoods. High unemployment, excessive debt, and in many cases, the inability to keep up with spiraling, unsecured mortgage payments is tearing families apart, often leading to homelessness, petty crime, and substance abuse.

To turn this around, Coseo Properties starts by helping to create jobs in the construction trade that offer both hope for a better life and a means to rehabilitate homes and dying neighborhoods. As homes and apartment buildings are identified and purchased, CPI property managers field construction crews to move in quickly to shore up and renovate the buildings, usually completing the work in less than one month.

Whether the properties are owned or rented they need life to make them whole, and the next goal at CPI is to have immediate occupancy – to have a candle burning in every window. When the restoration process nears completion, we seek out families to purchase or rent – and move in. This tangible sign of life is like a beacon of hope to other good people seeking a new start in these resurgent neighborhoods.