Charlotte Coseo

Real Estate Operations Officer

Charlotte Coseo is the newest member of the Coseo team joining in the fall of 2018. She comes with experience in real estate, sales, marketing and public relations. Her education of the industry started at a young age sitting around the kitchen table with her father (Chris), brother (Cal), uncles and grandfather discussing real estate transactions. From 2009 to 2010, Charlotte assisted Coseo with their acquisition of thousands of homes from Fannie Mae by obtaining and analyzing broker price opinions and selecting qualified brokers to negotiate listing agreements with the emphasis to sell each home within 60 days.

Ms. Coseo received her college degree in 2014 from the University of Colorado at Boulder. As typical of the Coseo household, all members start work out of college with a non-related company. Before joining Coseo in 2018, Charlotte served as Account Executive at Havas Formula, an award-winning, national public relations agency. From there, Charlotte moved to Houzz, a website and online community featuring architecture, interior design, landscape design and home improvement, as Senior Account Manager. At Houzz, Charlotte’s innate sales skills flourished. She was promoted to her senior level in just six months, managed over 600 accounts, won countless sales awards, including every incentive trip, and created over $600,000 in revenue (35% over quota) in less than two years.

In addition to her career successes, Ms. Coseo is an avid supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of San Diego. Throughout her schooling, she volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego. One of her favorite events is the Club’s annual back-to-school shopping trip, where Charlotte sponsors and takes one highly deserving child shopping for school clothing. Each child selected for the event is a standout performer at their club and comes from a family with severe financial needs that cannot purchase back-to-school clothing otherwise.

As Real Estate Operations Officer, Charlotte will assist the Coseo team in property management, acquisitions and investor communications. She is also heading an upcoming office transition to a larger space which includes finalizing the space plan and negotiating with the owner and leasing agents.