Diverse Experience – National Reach – Regional Expertise – Community Relationships – Sound Investment Models – Proven Track Record – Management Continuity

Four decades of diverse real estate experience. Crafting an expertise in the Southwest and Midwest regions built on market research, community relationships, and a proven track record. Building a flexible, sound and repeatable investment model that guides us through the identification, acquisition, hold and sale cycle. Mentoring an experienced and proven team of executives to maintain continuity of relationships and track record. These are the pillars of The Coseo Advantage.

Regional Expertise

While not every property in a hot region merits presents an investment opportunity, CPI believes numerous cities in the Southwest and Midwest regions currently offer and will continue to offer excellent investment opportunities for our growing portfolio. A number of cities in these regions, including several in which we operate, are experiencing significantly faster job growth than the national average, have rent to household income ratios under 30%, have population growth projections higher than the national average, and are seeing home prices growing leading many residents into the rental market. CPI has established relationships in these communities and a proven track record of outperforming the market, and we anticipated continued success.

CPI Investment Cycle

Acquisition:                 CPI evaluates over 600 opportunities annually in its core markets.

Property Type:            CPI’s typical deal size is the $5-$100 million range.

Hold Strategy:             CPI’s typical hold period is 3-7 years.

Performance:              CPI general preferred return is 8%+