Investing in and rehabilitating homes and apartment buildings around the country is just part of our goal. Coseo also invests in communities and their people. We offer community programs that help us identify and donate properties to charitable organizations, and employ as many workers as possible who have the greatest income needs. 

“Coseo is comprised of one of the most talented commercial real estate-focused Teams that Northern Trust provides banking services to across our wealth management banking franchise.  Throughout our 10+ year relationship, Coseo has delivered on EVERYTHING they have committed to, and while the financing world can be quite uncertain at times, their level of consistent execution during different market cycles is quite extraordinary.”  – Matt Rechner, Northern Trust

In Atlanta, we made purchasing a home possible for House of Hope, a non-profit organization that provides transitional housing and other services to women and children who have been victims of domestic violence.

In Detroit, Coseo has also donated properties for use by non-profit groups and churches. Our main focus, however, has been to create jobs in a region hard-hit by the decline of the automobile industry, among other socioeconomic woes, and rehabilitating homes in dying neighborhoods.

Whether the properties are owned or rented they need life to make them whole. As much as we love bringing our investors a high return, we also love the feeling of giving hope to good people and families in need of a new start in the communities we invest in.